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Special Lite Products Berkshire Curbside Mailbox
Special Lite Products Cast Aluminum Berkshire Curbside Residential Mailbox It is the right time to give a new...
Special Lite Town Square Curbside Post Mount Mailbox
Special Lite Modern Town Square Curbside Post Mount Residential Mailbox Presenting a sleek modern design, the Town Square...
Special Lite Tacoma Surface Mount Post Kit
Special Lite Products Cast Aluminum Tacoma Surface Mount Post Kit Post, Cap and Base Included. Made of durable...
Special Lite Kingston Curbside Mailbox with Ashland Mailbox Post Unit
Special Lite Cast Aluminum Kingston Curbside Residential Mailbox and Post The Special Lite Kingston Curbside Mailbox with Ashland...
Special Lite Town Square Curbside Mailbox and Tacoma Mailbox Post Unit
Special Lite Products Town Square Curbside Residential Mailbox and Post Whether you moved into a new home, or...
Spira Post Mounted Stainless Steel Black Mailbox
It is time for you to replace your old-fashioned mailbox, and get a modern one, which is ready...
QualArc Personalized Lighted Address Plaque Post with Decorative Finial
QualArc Personalized Cast Aluminum LED Lighted Address Plaque Post Versatile LED lighted Address post which ensures your house...
Whitehall Personalized Balmoral Monogram Mailbox Post Finial Package
Whitehall Balmoral Monogram Residential Mailbox and Post Package Die Cast Aluminum The Balmoral Large Capacity Mailbox with personalized...
QualArc Allux Series 7000 Stainless Steel Residential Mailbox
QualArc Allux Series Locking Stainless Steel Residential Mailbox Let your mail be delivered in a fashionable way, by...
QualArc Provincial Collection Brass Mailbox with Ornate Post, Antiqued Patina
QualArc Provincial Collection Brass Residential Mailbox with Decorative Post In case you love antique style, and you want...
QualArc Provincial Collection Brass Mailbox with Post
QualArc Provincial Collection Brass Mailbox with Cast Aluminum Decorative Post It is time for you to add a...
QualArc Allux Grandform Mail & Parcel Mailbox
QualArc Allux Galvanized Steel Security Grandform Mail & Parcel Mailbox Whether you are a business owner, or an...
QualArc Personalized Lewiston Equine Complete Mailbox Post System with Fluted Base
QualArc Personalized Lewiston Equine Residential Mailbox with Decorative Post If you are ready to offer a personal touch...
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Residential Mailboxes Buyers Guide

Your mailbox is an important feature of your home. Mailboxes can add curb appeal, accent the architecture of your home, and guide people to your address. They can express your personality, keep your packages safe, and prevent identity theft.

When you’re replacing your home’s mailbox, there are features to consider - some that you may have never heard of before. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the box that is perfect for your needs.

Residential Mailbox

4 Types of Residential Mailboxes

Mailbox needs can vary depending on where you live. City or country, apartment or home – we carry a mailbox for you and have all the most popular residential mailboxes available.

There are 4 types of residential mailboxes:

  • Post mounted – This type is typical outside of cities and includes a mailbox on top of a post, made for vehicle curbside mail delivery. These are set at 41-45” above the road, and about 8” back from the curb.
  • Wall Mounted- In neighborhoods where the mail is delivered on foot, a wall mounted mailbox is the ideal choice for looks and convenience. This mailbox is mounted on the exterior of your house, near a front door. We offer a range of attractive options will help you enhance your home’s looks.
  • Column style - Column style mailboxes offer a unique look to dramatically improve your curbside appeal. These can be made of stucco, prefabricated, and come ready to install. The column mailbox fits snug inside the column.
  • Mail Slot - For mail delivery at your door, wall or door mail slots come in many sizes and finishes. Our selection gives you a variety of options for size and finish. We carry vertical and horizontal designs in metal finishes to match or complement your doorway, and parcel-sized drops.

6 Keys to Find the Right Mailbox

  • Size: With package deliveries significantly increasing with Amazon and online shopping, size has become an important factor when shopping for a new residential mailbox. Most older mailboxes can barely hold a single small package, which means their packages could be left out in the open in front of their door. Consider how many packages your household receives and evaluate how big of a mailbox is necessary.
  • Location: Where you live will impact the type of mailbox you’ll want to purchase. If you’re in the city, look for a wall-mounted mailbox or mail slot. Suburbanites will find a post-mounted mailbox may be the better fit.
  • Security: A locking mailbox can keep your mail and packages safe. Locking mailboxes are a smart choice to guard against thieves and identity fraud. Keep your sensitive information and valuable packages safe with a locking mailbox.
  • Style: The look and design of your mailbox should enhance and complement your home. We offer a variety of styles to match any taste including modern, traditional, historical, and rustic. Match your door hardware to your mailbox with metal finishes from brass to bronze, copper to stainless. There is also a wide selection of colors and patterns available. Add an eye-catching accent to your curb with a stylish mailbox.
  • Personalization - Make your mailbox yours by customize it with your street number or street name and number. Some mailboxes allow for a monogram to be added as well. Pick from a variety of styles and materials to let your mailbox stand out from the crowd and be the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Durability - Consider your climate when selecting a residential mailbox. If your area is prone to storms and bad weather, look to purchase a mailbox that’s built-to-last. Mailboxes that use rust-resistant aluminum, sleek stainless steel, tough vandal-proof steel, or leakproof molded plastic should keep your mail safe and protected from the elements.

2 Additional Mailbox Features

  • Locking Mailbox – If security is a top priority, consider buying a locking mailbox. These allow you to know your mail and packages are protected and that they can only be accessed by you.
  • Newspaper Holder – Receive the newspaper? Get a newspaper attachment for your mailbox to avoid from having to track down the paper and have it thrown in an inconvenient area.

No matter what your style, material or feature needs, Prime Mailboxes has the huge selection and the experience to help you find your ideal match. We feature USA-built products from top manufacturers.