Address Plaques

Are you looking for a way to add personalization to your home and mailbox? Address plaques offer a great solution that combines function and style. These accessories can be used for both residential and commercial properties.

An address plaque is important to mark your property so that visitors can find the location easily. You can choose number signs in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. These plaques should be hung in a visible location, such as on the front of the building or the side of the mailbox.

It is easy to see the functional benefits of installing an address sign or numbers. But, don’t miss the aesthetic benefits that are available as well. Be selective with your decision to choose the right accent for the building.

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Address Plaque Buyer's Guide

Curb appeal is an essential aesthetic to think about when designing the outside of your home. Also, you want to make sure your home is identifiable to visitors and for deliveries. You can do this with a beautiful plaque displaying numbers that are visible from the street or sidewalk.

Address plaques come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and LED lighted. There are plenty of types available to match the outside of your home or business.

Below are some address plaque options to consider:

Address Plaque
  • Vertical - Depending on the space you need to mount your plaque, it will depend on which way you need it oriented. For vertical spaces, the Whitehall Vertical House Number Plaque is an ideal option. In four colors with personalization with gold or silver numbers, your house will be well marked.
  • Horizontal - There are plenty of styles and options available in horizontal number plaques. For a standard Black and white plaque great for businesses, the Jayco Industries Aluminum Address Plaque is ideal. It can be easily mounted to letter lockers with included adhesive tape. It is also a very affordable option to add personalization. Designed to fit any exterior, the Whitehall Stonework House Numbers are simple and durable. Including a limestone finish and Dark Bronze letters, it is classic and will enhance curb appeal. Available in four different shapes to fit your style.

Address Plaques FAQ

Why Do I Need an Address Plaque?

Address plaques are needed for your home or business to be identifiable and visible. You must have numbers on the outside for deliveries. Plaques are a decorative and practical addition to your property. Guests, visitors, and clients will see the outside of your home or business before they ever enter. Allowing them to find the building quickly and adding curb appeal are reasons you need an address plaque.

What Style Plaque Should I Buy?

The plaque style you choose should be a unique design to you, your home, or your business. Using different types such as modern, farmhouse, classic, or victorian can accentuate your exterior. Adding large numbers or a specialty color will also add a particular design element that will pop. Pick a plaque or numbers that fit your taste and style.

Where Should I Mount My Address Plaque?

Mounting your house number can sometimes be tricky. You need to mount your plaque or numbers visible from the street in front of the property. If your home or business has a long driveway and is far from the road, make sure you mount numbers on the mailbox. Mounting a lighted plaque is a great way to make numbers visible. Or mount your plaque or numbers near an outside light so people can see them at night. Ultimately make sure that plaques and numbers are very visible.