Jayco Industries Heavy Duty Standard Letter Locker Mailbox

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Jayco Industries Heavy Duty Standard Letter Locker Residential Commercial Mailbox

The Standard Letter Lockerå¨ is a multi-patented, locking mailbox for both residential and commercial use.

They're constructed of high-quality, durable material, hand-welded for maximumåÊstrength and hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen right here in theåÊU.S.A.åÊ The Letter Lockerå¨ comes with several options to choose from- select your favorite to get the perfect box for your needs.åÊ


  • USPS Approved
  • Constructed of 14 gauge steel (Galvanneal)
  • 2" high x 11" wide incoming mail slot
  • 3" high x 11" wide outgoing mail tray
  • Level 1 Security: 5 pin lock with stainless steel "hook" cam
  • Locking front recipient access door
  • Weather resistant powder coat finish
  • Holds approximately 1-2 weeks of mail
  • Conditional Lifetime Warranty


Material Options: Most products are also available inåÊHeavy Duty Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

  • Steel (14 gauge Galvanneal) is our durable 'standard' metal and is the most commonly purchased. All welded construction.
  • Aluminum is recommended for moist climates for their durability and rust-resistance. It is made of .080 thick aluminum. åÊStrong, riveted construction.
  • Heavy Duty Steel is recommended for high-crime areas.åÊ It is made of thick, 10 gauge steel and nearly indestructible. All welded construction.
  • Stainless Steel is recommended for very damp and freezing climates as it isåÊthe moståÊrust resistant metal. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel with #4 brushed finish. Strong, riveted construction.

Lock Options: Four lock levels to choose from.

  • Level 1 Security - (Included) USPS 5 pin cylinder lock with 3/16" stainless steel "hook" cam.
  • Level 2 Security -åÊMedecoå¨ deadbolt and upgraded door. (Steel and Heavy Duty Steel boxes will have a 10 gauge steel door. Aluminum and Stainless Steel boxes will have a stainless steel door.åÊ
  • Level 3 Security -åÊUSPS 5 pin cylinder lock with an 11 gauge stainless steel cam and our patented Claw Locking Mechanism. åÊDoor is made from two 14 gauge steel plates pressed together. åÊåÊ
  • Level 4 Security - Medecoå¨ deadbolt with our patented Claw Locking Mechanism. Door is made from two 14 gauge steel plates pressed together. åÊåÊ

Incoming Slot Size: Customized incoming slot height available from 1/4"H to 2"H.

Outgoing Mail Tray:åÊCustomers who do not use the outgoing mail trayåÊmay opt to have it blocked off. åÊ

Post Options: Jayco Industries provides two types of posts for your convenience. PostsåÊare sold separately.

  • Surface Mounts Posts - these posts include a base plate and op plate and should be used for installations on to existing concrete. Mounting bolts are included.
  • In-Ground Posts - these posts are longer and come with a top plate only. åÊThese posts should be used for installing the product directly into the ground with a concrete pour (similar to a fence post).

Color Variation:

Black, Tan, White, Grey, Mineral Bronze

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship.