Jayco Industries Armadillo Rear Access Mailbox

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Jayco Industries 14 Gauge Steel Powder Coated Armadillo Rear Access Mailbox

Constructed of 14 gauge Galvanneal, the Armadillo mailbox is large enough to accept magazines, large envelopes and small packages. It includes a 5-pin lock with a 1/4" thick stainless steel "hook" shaped cam and is finished with a durable powder-coat. Styled similar to a traditional mailbox, this secure model has an internal "flip" door that allows mail to fall deep into the secure holding area until accessed through the locked door on the front of the box.

  • Constructed of 14 gauge steel (Galvanneal)
  • Holds approximately 1-2 weeks of mail
  • Three lock options available: Additional lock options COMING SOON!
  • "Flip" door prevents reaching-in for secured mail
  • Powdercoated for long-lasting resistance to weather elements- five color options
  • Two post options to choose from
  • Front and rear access models available

Additional Information:

Lock Options: 3 Lock Options are available. Additional lock options coming soon.

  • Level 1:This lock is a 5-pin lock with a 1/4" thick stainless steel "hook" shaped cam. The hook design actually "grasps" the box frame locking itself securely into place.
  • Level 2: This lock includes a heavy duty Medeco deadbolt and a heavy-duty door. The heavy duty door is made with 2-pieces of 14 gauge steel, bonded together to form a secure barrier. This lock includes 2 keys.
  • Titanium Series Master Lock: The entire locking mechanism is located outside the mailbox and is attached by a welded stainless steel bracket. The lock is secured through the eye of a steel "arm" that extends through the recipient access door. This lock comes with 2 keys. (As pictured)
Post Options: Jayco Industries provides two types of posts for your convenience:
  • Surface Mounts Posts - these posts include a base plate on both ends and should be used for installations on to existing concrete. Mounting bolts are included.
  • In-Ground Posts - these posts are longer and should be used for installing the product directly into the ground with a concrete pour (similar to a fence post).

Color Variation:

Black, Tan, White, Grey, Mineral Bronze

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship.

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