Special Lite Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox

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Product Code: SCB-1005-BLK

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Special Lite Products Embossed Hummingbird Curbside Residential Mailbox

Your mailbox says a lot of things about your style and your taste for the appeal of the environment, so if you are a d̩ecor-lover, then you'll love this Special Lite Hummingbird Curbside Mailbox. It features a classic design, with the rounded top cover and a red signal flag.

The door of this mailbox is embellished with an impressive, hummingbird detail, while the side of the box is adorned with deeply embossed nature-related designs. These details add an elegant note to the mailbox.

Product dimensions: 20L x 10H 8.75W

Normally ships within 3 days.

**Please Note: This product does not include a mailbox post.  If you're looking for a mailbox + post package, consider our Hummingbird Mailbox with Ashland Post.

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