QualArc Mailboxes

QualArc stands for Quality Architecture, which is a great description of the products they manufacture. This company provides unbeatable quality and a variety of mailbox designs. If you need a mailbox for a residential or commercial location, then you should consider the benefits of the QualArc brand.

Stylish Mailboxes to Boost Curb Appeal

The products are built with durable, rust-free materials. Many of the designs incorporate the “Old World” charm, adding a piece of artistry to your home. Decorative posts in all of the collections are cast with ornate features and can be customized with various finial and post options.

Whether you are focused on style or security, QualArc is an excellent choice for your new mailbox.

QualArc Allux Series 7000 Stainless Steel Residential Mailbox
QualArc Allux Series Locking Stainless Steel Residential Mailbox Let your mail be delivered in a fashionable way, by...
QualArc Personalized Lewiston Equine Complete Mailbox Post System with Fluted Base
QualArc Personalized Lewiston Equine Residential Mailbox with Decorative Post If you are ready to offer a personal touch...
QualArc Manchester Column Mounted Mailbox Pineapple
QualArc Manchester Decorative Pineapple Cast Aluminum Residential Mailbox These decorative cast aluminum, non-locking mailbox inserts have a tough powder...
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QualArc Mailbox Buyer's Guide

QualArc mailboxes and plaques mix style and function to offer high quality and great-looking pieces. Make your home or office stand out from a crowd with a distinct old-world style. QualArc mailboxes are more expensive than other options, but you are getting quality, style, and durability that is worth the price.

Products are both decorative and practical. As the first impression for your home or business, QualArc products will be the first thing people see as they enter. They offer various options to choose from. Locking boxes for mail and package delivery may be what you need. Wall-mounted options, post mailboxes, address plaque, and multiple mailbox systems are also available from QualArc.

There are plenty of options to choose from when selecting a QualArc product for your home or office.

QualArc Mailbox
  • Post Mounted - Qualarc offers many choices for post mounted mailboxes. Popular old word styles include the Lewiston and the Westhaven system. Both offer exquisite details and unbeatable quality. With a rust-free cast aluminum mailbox and durable weather-resistant finish, you get quality that is worth the price tag. Included in the mailbox package are the mailbox, post, support brace, decorative finial, and base. Both models offer Personalization options.
  • Wall Mounted - Qularc offers plenty of variety if you are looking for a wall-mounted mailbox option. The provincial collection offers style that adds to the curb appeal of your home. With beautiful brass finishes, this is a great option to consider. There are many options for locking wall mounted mailboxes to keep your mail safe and secure. From the more traditional Allus or Summit series to the modern glacial option, QualArc offers wall-mounted options for any taste or style.
  • Locking - Keeping mail safe is a priority for homeowners and business owners. QualArc has a variety of options to choose from for locking mailboxes. Decorative locking mailboxes to check out are the Manchester locking series. Practicality, safety, and an old-world style combine to make this locking mailbox a great addition to any home or office.
  • Personalized - Qualarc has personalization options on many different products. Some of the mailbox series, such as the Lewiston, have address plates and decorative designs you can add. The Westhaven system also offers personalization options to suit your home and style.

QualArc FAQ

What are the different types of mailboxes?

There are many choices for mailboxes. It depends on the mailbox's location, style, size, and if you would like locking or non-locking. There are many options you should consider.

If you have mail delivery at the curb, you need a post mounted mailbox. If you have a walking mail carrier, you can have a wall-mounted mailbox. Consider security when choosing between a locking or a non-locking model. If you get a lot of mail and large packages or have a business, you should look into a mailbox to fit packages.

Personalization is also a great way to add curb appeal and enhance the outside of your home.

What is a secure mailbox?

When your mail is delivered, the incoming mail is protected from theft if it is in a locking mailbox. Your postal worker will not need a key to deposit mail. The mail is dropped in through a door that will close securely, and no one can reach into it. You will have a key to access the mail.

If you are a business owner, a locking mailbox is the best way to secure package deliveries. If no one is available after hours or upon receipt, consider investing in a locking mailbox.

Why should I spend money on a mailbox?

Buying good quality and a well-built mailbox is a long term investment. It will add curb appeal to your home and add a beautiful outside decoration. By purchasing a high-quality, durable mailbox, it will guarantee a long-lasting addition to your home or office.

How much does a mailbox cost?

The cost of a mailbox can vary based on the brand and type of mailbox. Personalization options can add additional expenses as well. Most mailboxes cost between $50-$600.