QualArc Glacial Locking Mailbox Stainless Steel

Brand: QualArc

Product Code: WF-0906A

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$ 114.00


QualArc Glacial Stainless Steel Locking Wall Mount Residential Mailbox

If you're ready to forget about the classic style and get into a modern style for your home and environment, then this QualArc Glacial Locking Mailbox Stainless Steel is exactly what you're looking for. It is an elegant wall mount locking mailbox, which you'll love to use for keeping your mail safe from any unwanted hands.

Made of stainless steel, and complemented with a matte finish, this mailbox is durable and it looks great when mounted on your residence. It is designed to hold several pieces of mail, which you can keep secured with the locking doors that open in front, so you can easily retrieve your mail.

Incoming slot opening: 10-1/4" x 1".

Lock and set of keys included.


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